Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus

Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus

If you’ve ever wanted to walk the streets Jesus trod or hike the hills He traveled, you can now do so and discover the Holy Land like never before. Experiencing Israel with Dr. Tony Evans offers a guided tour of key locations in the Bible while revealing the historical and spiritual significance of each place.

The perfect addition is the 7-message Pursuing Christ CD series, in which Dr. Evans examines the major features of a lifelong pursuit of Christ.

These two resources are our gift to thank you for your generous gift to support our ministry.

We know you're eager to hear the messages in this series, so we are providing this series to you as MP3 downloads. But don't worry! We're still going to send you the CDs by mail as soon as the Dallas County shelter-in-place order is lifted.

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Monthly offer requests will not be shipped until the Dallas County shelter-in-place order is lifted. The mailing of receipts will be paused until further notice as well. As a reminder, you will have immediate access to the sermons via MP3 download.


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